cegedim.cloud, a specialist in “private cloud” hosting, has signed a technological partnership with KITRY, a recognised publisher in the field of occupational health and safety software solutions. They are combining their expertise to offer a “full web” solution which enables companies, healthcare establishments and local communities to implement their prevention, health and safety programmes for their employees.

This partnership combines KITRY’s recognised expertise with the technical resources and expertise of cegedim.cloud in personal health data hosting.

“The personal data generated in relation to occupational health are of a highly sensitive nature. Managing such data requires access to a robust information system and hosting capacities in accordance with the standards of France’s digital health agency (ASIP Santé – Ed.)”, says Frédéric Le Guillou, CIO of cegedim . cloud.

Many companies have already chosen the KITRY EHS solution hosted by cegedim.cloud to manage their occupational health requirements, including major players in the banking, transport, automotive, energy, electronics and public sectors, with more than 2 million cases managed.

Cegedim.clouds skills in hosting health data, combined with our twenty years of expertise in the occupational health sector, satisfies the needs of companies looking for a complete solution for handling this crucial responsibility effectively,” adds Kitry chairman Pierre Létargez.

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