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Join more than 400,000 users who develop and evolve their applications thanks to our cloud-managed solutions.


A certified hosting provider guaranteeing security and confidentiality of your critical data


Architects, engineers and technicians to advise and support you to meet your needs

Dedicated platform

Deploy and manage your resources directly from our ITCARE portal


Do you send messages to confirm your transactions, authenticate users or remind clients of their appointments? Our messaging platform, multi-operators, secure and interfaced by API, helps you optimize your customer interactions and simplifies the management of your exchanges:

    • Integration in your business applications
    • Sending SMS as you go
    • Long SMS management (up to 600 characters)
    • Personalization of transmitter code
    • Stops management
    • Degressive pricing according to geographical area


API developed and maintained by for an easy integration within your applications

High performance

Redundant platform
Service availability:
99,90% – 24/7
RTO: 4h

Tracking and reporting

Through ITCare portal, you can follow the status and history of messages sent in real time (time stamp of the sending request, recipient, status, number of SMS billed)

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform. What does it mean?

Kafka combines three key capabilities to implement end-to-end event streaming scenarios with a single, proven solution:

Publish (write) and subscribe (read) to event streams and continuous import/export of your data from other systems.

Store event streams permanently and reliably for as long as you want

Process event streams in real time or retrospectively

And all these functionalities are provided in a distributed, highly scalable, elastic, fault-tolerant, and secure manner. provides a fully managed service: deployment of instances, maintenance in operational condition, flexibility, security, and monitoring are all provided by our experts.

You configure your instances according to your needs:

    • Kafka broker are available from 2 VCPU/4 GB RAM to 32 VCPU/768 GB RAM
    • Production-ready deployment with 3 brokers spread over 2 or 3 availability Zones 
    • Number of brokers configurable at deployment or afterwards

Delivered Kafka clusters are secured both in between brokers and between clients and brokers with SASL_SSL :

    • SSL for the transport layer
    • SASL SCRAM-SHA-256 for authentication and authorizations


Deployment in selfcare via ITCARE 
service portal 

High availability

Clustered deployment to ensure
a highly available service
RTO : 0, no data loss
RPO: 0, no time loss