Critical services operator

Health data, accounting and tax documents, payslips, etc.
We host and manage your critical applications to guarantee their availability


Expertise in hosting and outsourcing of critical information systems
and applications, HDS, ISO 27001 and ISO 20000-1 certified

Health data hosting

HDS-certified hosting services
guarantee the security of your sensitive data

A hosting partner ready to rise to any challenge

Performance, agility, security, etc.

When you choose, you benefit from the infrastructure, expertise and experience of the Cegedim Group, France’s 7th-largest software publisher (Truffle100 2023 ranking), to host and outsource your most sensitive applications and data.

A complete and scalable hosting offer

Whatever your goal, we will help you reach it with a wide range of hosting services capable of responding to all of your issues – today and tomorrow.

Turnkey managed solutions

Join more than 400,000 users who develop and evolve their applications thanks to our cloud-managed solutions.

Cegedim Container Services

With’s managed Kubernetes service, we help you set up your containerized application architecture.

Cegedim Cloud Backup

Cegedim Cloud Backup is an online outsourced backup solution that allows you to back up all your data in sovereign HDS data centers.

Cegedim Object Storage

The object storage service allows you to securely store very large volumes of data in the cloud, while optimizing your costs.

Sovereign data hosting

To support your projects, has 4 HDS, ISO27001, ISO 20000-1 and ISO 50001-certified data centers in France, as well as numerous subsidiaries.

4 datacenters

4 data centers grouped into 2 regional campuses in Ile de France and Occitania

+160 IT collaborators

Architects, engineers and technicians ensuring the availability of critical applications

Numerous subsidiaries

Collaborators in Boulogne-Billancourt, Toulouse, Lyon, Nantes, Montargis and Martinique

+ 4,800 applications

More than 4,800 applications hosted on our sovereign infrastructures

Certifications, labels & compliance

A pioneer in healthcare data hosting, is now compliant with the best international standards and holds multiple certifications. Because it takes its social responsibility seriously, is also a member of a number of French and international ethical programmes.

HDS certification has been HDS (French healthcare data hosting) accredited since 2009, and now holds both HDS certifications: Hébergeur d’Infrastructure physique (physical infrastructure host) and Hébergeur Infogéreur (data host/manager), i.e. all activities from 1 to 6 in the HDS standard. Learn more

ISO 20000-1 : 2018 certification

With ISO 20000 : 2018 certification, is strengthening its position in service management and affirming its strong customer commitment. Services life cycle management and continuous improvement is provided through its management system, providing an optimal solution to customer needs and requirements. Learn more

ISO 27017 : 2015 conformity

Conformity to the ISO 27017 : 2015 standard ensures our customers that we adhere to best practices in the security controls we implement through our cloud services. Learn more

ISAE 3402 Type II

The annual ISAE 3402 Type II report provides customers with evidence of the benefits and effectiveness of its internal control system in combating risks, and demonstrates control over the activities managed on behalf of its customers.


Drawn by the French Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), the SecNumCloud framework offers a set of security rules to be followed, ensuring a high level of technical, operational and legal requirements. SecNumCloud qualification requires cloud service providers to maintain robust security of their Information Systems, while ensuring compliance with European data protection regulations.

ISO 27001 : 2017 certification

With ISO 27001: 2017 certification, cegedim . cloud demonstrates its maturity and expertise in information security management. Learn more

ISO 50001 : 2018 certification

By achieving ISO 50001:2018, cegedim . cloud is demonstrating its commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable development. The deployment of an energy management system has enabled the organization to develop an energy policy, define objectives and targets, and implement actions improving its energy performance. Lean more

ISO 27018 : 2019 conformity

Conformity to the ISO 27018 : 2019 standard ensures our customers that we adhere to best practices in protecting the personal data we host through our cloud services. Learn more

Code of conduct

Obtaining the European Code of Conduct for Datacenters‘s commitment to reducing its energy consumption and environmental impact. This label aims to encourage best practices in energy management, security and sustainability in data centers, thus contributing to a more responsible use of resources and a reduction in carbon emissions.

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