Compute Platform

Build and deploy your applications faster thanks to our cloud-managed computing capabilities. offers flexible and secure server configurations for all your applications.

Virtual instances

The “Cegedim Compute” platform provides fully managed computing capabilities enabling your applications and data to evolve in an optimized and agile manner. guarantees the highest level of security: our teams take care of system maintenance and security. Our architecture and development experts support you in the deployment and management of your resources.

Database instances are also provided as a managed service: they benefit from all the advantages of the Cegedim Compute Platform in terms of performance and flexibility, and allow you to free yourself from the management of a database engine.

cegedim . cloud offers a broad catalog of operating systems and managed databases. You configure your VM in vCPU and vRAM according to your needs:

Cegedim Compute Platform offers resources that can be fully managed through ITCare services portal and its API. With ITCare, deploy your virtual machines and resize your instances according to your needs. Fefine performance indicators, monitor your applications and access support.

ITCareprovides a direct and transparent access to your entire IS thanks to the mapping of your deployed services and resources. It also allows you to obtain information on subscribed micro-services such as object storage, messaging or the containerization service managed under Kubernetes Cegedim Container Services.


High availability

Fully redundant and fault-tolerant infrastructure

Very high performance

Latest generation servers, high-frequency processors, 10 Gbps network, full flash storage


Integrated DRP, centralized access control, security patches, log sealing, anti-malware analysis, etc.

Diversity of offers

Wide range of operating systems and databases under x86and IBM Powerarchitecture


Resize instances as needed, shutdown, restart, snapshot, monitoring and performance indicators

Maintenance in operational condition

Supervision, incident resolution, request management, backup and recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan

In order to prevent any risk threatening your activity, is committed to providing ever greater IT security thanks to the Disaster Recovery Plan available for your hosted resources.’s data centers benefit from a dual-site layout with Internet connectivity and an inter DC backbone to guarantee redundant services. allows your hosted applications to evolve on a datacenter infrastructure in active/passive mode, with computing capacities (CPU, RAM) reserved and storage replicated in near real time on the backup site.

This infrastructure enables to guarantee a very quick return to service of your applications in the event of a disaster occuring on the primary site.

Cegedim Container Services

Container orchestrator

Kubernetes or K8S is an open source container orchestrator for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications:

  • Reduction of applications time to market: Kubernetes allows agile deployment of applications and fast development cycles to meet the requirements of accelerated digitalization
  • Security: clusters are fully redundant
  • Integrated load balancers
  • Kubernetes is based on the Cegedim Compute platform, which provides fully managed computing capabilities that allow your applications and data to evolve in an optimized manner
  • Compatible with any type of cloud: private, public and hybrid

The Kubernetes offer by helps you set up your containerized application architecture. We optimize your cloud environment to facilitate access to containerization while guaranteeing the security of data

  • Focus on your core business, simply define the cluster name, the number of nodes and their configuration
  • ensures the deployment of the cluster and its maintenance in operational condition: latest generation clusters, monitoring, updating nodes, incident resolution, etc.
  • Our teams of developers ensure high-availability clusters provisioning, backup and disaster recovery, support, advanced alerts and monitoring of your applications

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