Cloud computing services

First catalog of public cloud services dedicated to the public and parapublic sector

The “Cloud Computing Services (IaaS / PaaS)” market, managed by UGAP, the central public purchasing body, is the result of collaboration with the French State Purchasing Department (DAE) and the Interministerial Digital Department (DINUM). It reflects the government’s ambition to develop cloud computing services tailored to the different needs, uses and degrees of data sensitivity of government agencies, public and semi-public establishments, and local authorities.

Accelerating the digital transformation of the public sector

The public sector now has easy, cost-effective access to the cloud, thanks to a simplified procedure that respects the public procurement framework and avoids the need for dedicated calls for tender. UGAP’s IaaS / PaaS offering also fosters the emergence of new digital services for government users and agents, while meeting their data security and sovereignty challenges. It covers sectors as varied as education, healthcare, social services, employment, transport and energy.

As an experienced partner to public institutions and local authorities, has been selected for inclusion in UGAP’s IaaS / PaaS public cloud offering as part of the “Cloud computing services” market, notably for:

  • Its expertise in hosting critical information systems and applications;
  • Its sovereign, human-scale structure;
  • A high security added-value through IaaS / PaaS with integrated “by design” security.


ISO 27001

ISO 20000-1

3402 expertise at the service of public sector actors

With this UGAP listing, strengthens its position in the public sector with a cloud offering that meets today’s main challenges:

Performance, combining modernity, agility and scalability

Responsability with a strong environmental and social commitment

Sovereignty with infrastructures and teams located in France

Resilience thanks to integrated advanced cybersecurity measures