Monitor and analyze your application performance with our managed solutions.

Scenario testing

Application supervision solution

The User Scenario monitoring service offers a suite of services to measure user experience in real time. The solution allows to monitor the scenarios of any application with a user interface (Citrix, web, Oracle Forms, Flash) using an innovative image recognition technology:

  • Users simulation of your applications allowing to reproduce any user behavior
  • Execution of applicative scenarios in order to:
    • Verify the proper functioning of applications
    • Report and handle incidents
    • Measure application performance through application response times to validate compliance with software SLA

APM solution

Application Performance Management

cegedim . cloud offers a managed solution to monitor and analyze the performance of your applications:

  • Analysis of user experience
  • Research and identification of application topology
  • User profiling
  • Resources monitoring
  • Analysis and visualization of collected data

Our solution allows you to free yourself from application monitoring and focus on innovation and optimization of the user experience:

  • User performance analysis (response time, javascript errors, etc.)
  • Analysis of user behavior (peak activity, landing page, bounce rate, conversion rate, etc.)
  • User session analysis (user path, new vs. recurring users, etc.)
  • Automatic identification and resolution of database errors impacting application performance
  • Full Stack Monitoring (OS, networks, microservices, code execution, web servers, databases, containers, logs, browsers, etc.)
  • Root cause analysis using AI: the APM solution assimilates all dependencies involved in application deployment. When a flaw in any application component is detected, the solution identifies the user impact as well as the cause of the flaw.
  • Wide monitoring coverage (diversity of languages, cloud/on-premise/hybrid application architecture, SaaS, multi-channel (web, mobile, tablet), etc.)

For who ?

Dev and operation teams

  • Response time
  • Application errors
  • Code errors
  • JavaScript errors
  • Infrastructure errors
  • Performance monitoring


  • Business impact analysis
  • Usage analysis (browsers, OS)


  • Analysis of the use of resources (CPU, RAM, etc.)


  • Usage report of monitored applications


  • Errors notifications (mail, Hipchat, Jira, etc.)

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