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Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is an event streaming platform. What does this mean?

Kafka combines three key capabilities to implement end-to-end event streaming scenarios with a single, proven solution:

Publish(write) and subscribe(read) to event streams and continuous import/export of your data from other systems.

Store event streams permanently and reliably for as long as you want.

Process event streams in real time or retrospectively.

And all this functionality is provided in a distributed, highly scalable, elastic, fault-tolerant, and secure manner.

cegedim . cloud provides a managed service: deployment of instances, maintenance in operational condition, flexibility, security, and monitoring are all provided by our experts.

You configure your instances according to your needs:

  • Kafka broker size from 2 VCPU / 4 GB RAM to 32 VCPU / 768 GB RAM
  • Production-ready deployment with 3 brokers spread over 2 (or 3) Availability Zones
  • Number of brokers configurable at deployment or afterwards

Kafka clusters from PaaS are secured in SASL_SSL both between brokers and between clients and brokers:

  • SSL for the transport layer
  • SASL SCRAM-SHA-256 for authentication and authorizations


RabbitMQ is a lightweight, open source message agent for routing, distributing, and duplicating messages using objects such as “Exchanges” or routing algorithms, and “Bindings”, the rules.
RabbiMQ works on a principle of Producersand Consumersof messages.

RabbitMQ is deployed on-premises in datacenters. It supports several message protocols (AMQP, MQTT, STOMP) and can be deployed as a single instance or in a distributed manner (cluster of 3 or 5 nodes) to meet high availability requirements.

Offered as a managed service, provides instance deployment, operational maintenance, flexibility, security and monitoring of the solution.

You configure your instances according to your needs:

  • RabbitMQ node sizes ranging from 2 VCPU / 4 GB RAM to 32 VCPU / 768 GB RAM
  • Production-ready cluster with nodes distributed across all Availability Zones in the target region
  • AMQP protocol supported by default – other protocols can be enabled on request
  • TLS/SSL can be enabled for AMQP protocol during provisioning or afterwards via request

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