Storage and Backup

Store and access your data quickly and securely. offers several types of storage depending on your needs.


The Storage service provides permanent block storage volumes to your instances. It is suitable for hosted applications and data running in your Compute Platform instances and databases.

Manage your Storage resources through IT Care or via standard requests. maintains the Storage infrastructure in operational condition, monitoring its availability, capacity and performance.

High availability

Replicated and distributed within our infrastructure, the data volumes are resilient to hardware failures that may occur on the disks, ensuring very high availability.

Very high performance

The Storage are high performance SSD volumes with less than millisecond latency. They are capable of delivering thousands of IOPS per instance. Other types of storage are also available for specific needs.


Your data is secured, encrypted on the disks containing it, making it impossible for anyone to read it. We also apply procedures for disc disposal and destruction of discs in the event of equipment removal.

Cegedim Object storage

Secured cloud storage solution

Object storage is a secure cloud storage solution capable of managing very large volumes of data at reasonable cost.

Object storage provides long-term storage for your applications’ documents via a web service. Freeing you from worries over managing capacity, security and availability.

  • Backup and restoration
  • Data archiving
  • Big data
  • Storage of numerous or large files (PDFs, images, sound and video recordings, etc.).

Features of the solution

  • Unlimited and scalable storage space: Object Storage is capable of adapting to any variation in data volume, you only pay for the volume used
  • Very high multi-datacenter availability
  • Durability of stored data
  • Data security via encryption
  • Sovereign hosting: guarantee of hosting in France certified to host health data

Scalable deployment

Choose your storage properties:

  • Replication profile
  • File life cycle
  • Versioning policy
  • Data access authorizations

Cegedim Cloud Backup

Externalized HDS data backup

Do you need to outsource your backups in order to prevent any data loss (failure, virus, theft, fire, etc.)? To secure your patients’ files? To secure your patients’ files? You have a need for backup in Windows, Linux or Mac

Cegedim Cloud Backup is an online backup solution that enables you to back up all your data in HDS datacenters.

Cegedim Cloud Backup meets the most demanding needs in terms of reliability, security and performance.

  • Restore any file as is, on a given date, up to 90 days.
  • Flexibility and scalability, the model adapts to your needs.
  • Schedule your backups whenever you want and receive notifications about your backups status.
  • Quick and simple deployment, the solution is managed by, and you benefit from technical and user support.


To protect your data, deploys solutions that copy data from your instances periodically. Data can then be restored in the event of file loss or the desire to reposition an instance in a previous state. Backup plans are set up by default and can be modified to fit your needs.


  • Data encryption
  • Restoration tests
  • Backup incident management
  • Backup replication: backups of production instances and databases are by default replicated to a remote datacenter to ensure that data is available in the event of a disaster in a datacenter.


Les données de sauvegarde sont conservées par défaut :

  • 28 jours pour les instances virtuelles
  • 15 jours pour les bases de données de production, 7 jours pour les bases de données de non-production

Des plans de sauvegarde et d’archivage spécifiques à vos besoins peuvent être mis en place sur demande.

Backup frequency

From 2 hours to 24 hours depending on the type of resources (database, operating system, etc.).

Deployment ensures the deployment of backup platforms and their maintenance in operational condition:

  • Design of platforms and evolution management according to customer needs and technical evolutions
  • Platform access rights management
  • Backup plans management
  • Capacity management
  • Supervision, etc.


GlusterFS is a file system that aggregates different storage nodes to provide a highly available NAS environment for virtual machines. This networked storage volume service enables the pooling of storage space for different architectures, with virtual machines being able to access this volume to write/read data to/from it.

The service is provided as a PaaS managed by the teams: deployment of instances, maintenance in operational condition, flexibility, security, and monitoring are all handled by our experts

  • Cluster deployment ensuring high availability
  • Redundant and resilient clustering: storage is replicated between data centers in the same region and backed up
  • Available on EB and ET regions and in all availability zones
  • Ability to create up to 15 storage volumes per Gluster (each volume has its own capacity management)

The management of the GlusterFS PaaS is done autonomously in ITCARE: provisioning and choice of volumes, resizing, deleting the cluster.

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