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Join more than 400,000 users who develop and evolve their applications thanks to our cloud-managed solutions.


A certified hosting provider guaranteeing security and confidentiality of your critical data


Architects, engineers and technicians to advise and support you to meet your needs

Dedicated platform

Deploy and manage your resources directly from our IT Care portal

Compute Database

Build and deploy your applications faster thanks to our cloud-managed computing capabilities. cegedim . cloud offers flexible and secure server configurations for all your applications.

Virtual instances

The “Cegedim Compute” platform provides fully managed computing capabilities enabling your applications and data to evolve in an optimized and agile manner…

Disaster Recovery Plan is committed to providing ever greater IT security thanks to the Disaster Recovery Plan. With the implementation of two new datacenters…


Kubernetes or K8s is an open source container orchestrator that enable the automation of deployment, scalability and management of containerized applications…

Storage & Backup

Store and access your data quickly and securely. cegedim . cloud offers several types of storage depending on your needs.


The Storage service provides permanent block storage volumes to your instances. It is suitable for applications hosting and data…

Cegedim Object Storage

Object Storage is a secured cloud storage solution for managing very large volumes of data while optimizing costs…

Cegedim Cloud Backup

Cegedim Cloud Backup is an online backup solution that enables you to back up all your data in HDS datacenters


To protect your data, deploys solutions that copy data from your instances periodically so that they can be restored in the event of file loss…


Secure the traffic and internet exposure of your applications with our network interconnection and connectivity, traffic management and load balancing solutions.

Managed network services offers a wide range of managed network services: secure interconnection to the datacenter, VPN remote access, domain name, SSL/TLS certificates…

Connectivity operator

100% secure and highly available internet access, offers a variety of fully managed xDSL/fiber broadband offers. For an end-to-end service: from connectivity to data hosting…

Elastic Secured Endpoint

Elastic Secured Endpoint provides a complete set of technologies for securely exposing your applications on the Internet: encryption/decryption of HTTPS streams, traffic management, load balancing, Anti DDoS, vulnerability audits…


Monitor and analyze your application performance with our managed solutions.

Scenario testing

The User Scenario monitoring offers a suite of services to measure user experience in real time…

APM solution

Our APM managed solution allows you to monitor and analyze the performance of your applications and optimize the user experience…


Our secure messaging platform, interfaced by API, supports you in the optimization of your customer interactions and simplifies the management of your exchanges.


Easy to use, our platform is multi-operator, secured and configurable to easily adapt to your needs…

Apache Kafka

Apache Kafka is a solution for implementing end-to-end event streaming scenarios…


RabbitMQ is a lightweight, open source message agent for routing, distributing, and duplicating messages…

App Virtualization

Deliver secured virtual applications that can be accessed from any remote site. Optimize the user experience and work in agility.

Virtual apps

Virtual Apps is a Windows application virtualization solution based on Citrix Virtual Apps technology…