The idea?

To raise awareness among today’s students and tomorrow’s managers, by getting them to work on SER topics proposed by sponsoring companies.The aim of the competition is twofold:

  • Promote talent on the one hand, through the involvement and reflection of students on SER topics proposed by participating organizations
  • Involve your company in SER on the other hand, through pragmatic solutions that can be easily deployed within your organization.

This year, 132 post-BAC students from all over France are enrolled, coming from a wide range of branches, including finance, SER, management, pharmaceuticals and IT. And 25 topics proposed by sponsors representing a diverse range of public, private and associative companies.

As sponsor, proposed several topics, 3 of which were selected by the students:

  • How can you make an IT company more attractive to women?
  • What are the SER actions that can be easily implemented in a company that would have a positive impact on employees and the planet?
  • What SER actions can be taken to promote local employment / the employment of employees in areas with high unemployment?


Key dates!

  • In april, will be a member of the juries, giving students the opportunity to showcase not only their solution, but also their talent!
  • The awards ceremony will take place on May 16 in Toulouse.
  • On June 6, the best students will present their pitches!